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How working from a Golf course fuels success & well-being

Golf is a mental sport. It’s played by all age groups. Be it a kid or senior at 90+ you will see them on the golf courses. Each one plays for their own desire. For kids – it is the discipline, for adults – it’s the mindfulness, for professionals – it’s the competition, and for senior golfers – it’s an exercise.

As of year 2018, there were 38,864 golf courses in 209 of the world’s 249 countries. Imagine the kind of architecture we are able to see at each of these golf courses. Truly mind-blowing, isn’t it?

When you think about the environment at a golf course, there are three important aspects. Greenery that is all around, birds chirping music to our ears, and pure air to breathe. It is so meditative and such a joy to spend time in or around a golf-course. We recommend that you try it sometime!

The 4 secrets why we believe that golf courses are perfect to get in tune with your well being and productivity are:

1. The Outdoor Space, Energy & Vibe

Golf courses space design

The average size of a golf course is around 100 – 200 acres of land. This easily holds an 18 hole golf course. Imagine the vast openness you get to witness when you visit the golf course. Since these courses come with membership benefits you will see top-notch club amenities offered too. You surely are bound to dream bigger in your life, visiting these spaces.

All golf courses ensure to provide great outdoor spaces ensuring light and passage of air. It is the most productive space to work from. It is also very suitable for business meetings, conferences and networking. The vibe and peacefulness at a golf course sometimes makes you want to stay back a little while longer. Most golf courses have hospitality stay arrangements for their members and guests. We would love for you to experience this for yourself and share your thoughts.

2. The Community Effect

When you enter any golf course, you are bound to meet members of the club. You will realize how well organised these golf courses are that you start to change your behaviour subconsciously. Like for example, you speak at a respectably low volume, greet others, dress smartly, be humble, and the list goes on. A good community influences our behaviour in a positive way, to ensure we change to a better version of ourselves.

3. Business Networking

Business happens when you are playing with your friends on the course or post the game. Networking is highly looked up in golf courses, as each one is a seasoned entrepreneur, a businessman, a celebrity, a investor, or a leader in their domain. Time is money for these folks, so they choose to work with like minded people with whom they build trust or reference.

Most successful people choose to play golf because they all have one thing in common – Growth mindset. You will see them network with like-minded people, discuss ideas, and invest money. It’s said, most big business deals happen on the golf course. Maybe it is time you were a part of this as well?

4. The Game of Golf itself!

The game of golf is a mental sport. Your game reflects your mind clear in the shots you play. Also since it’s an individual sport, you don’t have anyone else to blame for your bad shots. This allows us to accept our failures, learn from them, and seek for balance in life. Even the best golfer ends up having a bad day at golf, but he or she learns to accept the situation as is, and looks forward to the next shot that will bring about a positive outcome.

Have you ever wondered why Golf is considered an expensive sport? It is not only because it costs a lot of money to play, but in reality, it requires you to invest time. Time is the most expensive commodity you possess in your life. So, if you are able to invest time to be on the golf course, it is certain that you are on the path of your practicing mindfulness, and seeking your best self.

Our advice to you – Get out of your comfort zone and explore your possibilities!

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