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How To Make Remote Work, Work

How To Make Remote Work, Work?

Switching to remote working is now easier than ever. With technological advancements, a clear shift in attitude and a keener demand to promote work-life balance remote working is here to stay, well beyond the time frame of the pandemic. 

Having said that, just because it’s easier to go remote doesn’t means it’s easy to go remote.  Working from home has its unique set of obstacles that require a new arsenal of solutions. But never fear, we’re here to show you the way!

Communication Is Key 

Research has found that one of the main problems with remote learning is the inability to translate knowledge between two professionals working remotely. This communication conundrum manifests itself into lack of awareness, unwillingness to work and lowered productivity levels. 

The way around this miscommunication maelstrom is deceptively simple: actionable interaction. In fact, a study published in 2004 proved that people were not only gearing up for remote learning as far back as then (where 67 % of the companies surveyed felt their reliance on virtual teams would grow in the next few years) but also that the steps around distant working were well within reach. With the right mix of experience, acceptance, and digital tools – a very successful integration of remote workers is possible.  

Hocus Focus

If you do a Google Image search for “work from home” right now, you’ll find pictures of isolated laptops at desks, on the sofa, near some greenery. Take a look:

But that’s rarely ever the case, is it? If you’re a remote worker than you know right now your work is accompanied by the sounds of traffic outside your house, your family/roommates moving around, your pets asking for attention, your phone always blinking with news – and that’s just the tip of the proverbial ice berg. There’s no end to distractions in a remote space and that can stop you from performing your best. 

The best way around this? Know your distractions and play to their weakness. An easy way around your distractions is to time your work around it.

Minimize their distractions so you can continue your entrepreneurial disruptions. Other ways to help include strict scheduling and setting priorities by putting the phone on DND. 

Beat Social Isolation 

Working independently does eliminate a lot of barriers holding you back. But it also eliminates a vital part of the office workspace- your co-workers. Respect, success, and team identity are all perceived as organization-based and teleworkers often find themselves feeling adrift for these community callouts. 

At times like this, face-to-face interactions, a common passion point or even a well-intentioned conversation can go a long way.

Building A Remote Community

The crux of the matter is: to game working remotely successfully – it’s important to have the beast coaches. Having a helpful community of independent workers is the perfect place to answer all your remote working related questions. 

Building the right virtual infrastructure and nurturing a steady community goes hand-in-hand. Having a one-stop platform with experts, advisors, and peers will drive you to start working productively.

Do you think you can grow in a community-based platform? So, the WorkFromHub is right product for you! Do get in touch with us.  

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