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The New Normal – Remote Is In

The New Normal – Remote Is In

What is “new normal”? It’s ordinary- refurbished. But, there’s more to the new normal than meets the eye. The phrase is also indicative of the potential of a new change – of taking a step that will become so ingrained in our lives, it will soon resemble what we know as “ordinary”…and your workplace is the best example of this change.

Imagine your perfect workspace: chrome, glass, a solid wooden special desk for yourself. What’s stopping your ideal workspace from being a beach, a cottage by the hills, or a retreat far from the prying eyes of the world? Is it because it’s not “normal”? We have good news for you, the old normal is out and the new normal is in!

“Toto, I feel like we’re not in Kansas Normal Anymore!”

Dorothy in 2020

Often we find ourselves boxed into ideas that are supposed to be good, but are they? So, the truth is, great work can be done from anywhere.

Working remotely is the perfect platform to unleash your inner potential – it empowers individuals, gives them a keener sense of belonging as global citizens, allows for individual growth, greener work habits, and breaks the myth that being busy is the same as being productive. In fact, the rise in remote working rose by 115% in a 10-year span. 

Working remotely isn’t just an excuse for people to achieve their #wanderlustgoals, it’s a reflection of people moving away from inefficient, unproductive and less holistic centers of work and embracing a satisfying work pace a and healthy work-life balance.

So in the past, working for long hours has been celebrated as the pinnacle of success. But as times have changed so should our idea of what it means to do work well.

These Stats Prove That the Future of Work Is Remote


Working remotely is so much better. Not only does it promote better work management but due to its ability to fortify work-life balance, it dully helps improve your work output and your mental health. This means that at a lower cost, you’re reaping superior benefits. Due to these encouraging results, offices are now considering making remote working a consideration while looking for talent. 

Do take a minute to think when was the last time you’ve been inspired by your cubicle at work? 

Does this idea resonate with you? Well, it did with us too! That’s why we’ve created Work From Hub. It is a community-building platform that’s helping individuals like you to achieve the work-life balance and stay efficient.

Join us as we change the way work works. 

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